Extracurriculars 2021-2022
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1. Policies

Carefully read the policies applied to extracurricular activities. Below you can find the download link:
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2. Your data

3. Information about your child

4. Select 1 or 2 activities to enroll your child

Dance with fabrics

See description

Stem: experiments and engineering of things

See description

Robotics and Electronics

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Art attack

See description

Pixel art

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See description


See description

5. Select the route that fits your child's return.

Route 1

North Highway to 127th Street, then 127th Street to the east to Carrera 20 and finally Carrera 20 to the south to 122nd Street, Eva Perón Park, CAI Unicentro.

Route 2

North Highway to 170th Street, then 170th Street east to 7th Street, then 7th Street to 127th Street, then 127th Street to the west to take Carrera 11 and finally wagon Eleven to 72nd Street.

Route 3

Caobos Variante de Cota to Pueblo Viejo, then the Cota-Suba road to 170th Street to take Boyacá Avenue to the south, then Boyacá Avenue and up to 129th Street to take Suba Avenue and finally Suba Avenue to the south to Iserra 100.

Route 4

Caobos - Chía Variant, and then take Pradilla Avenue, then Centro Chía, the Chía - Cajicá road, the main gate of Hacienda Fontanar, then Variante de Cajicá and finally Cajicá Central Park.


6. Indicate where your child will get off:

7. I accept and authorize the collection of the selected activities:

I authorize the use and processing of my personal data and their terms and conditions.

See Data Processing Policy
Thank you for your registration!

Thank you for signing up for extracurriculars. Any questions can be sent to the email: carolina.segura@gimnasioloscaobos.com

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