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Middle School


The Los Caobos Gymnasium is a school that has a high academic level, whose purpose is to prepare our students for the world of today and tomorrow. Our central goal is to promote a sense of purpose in our students so that they graduate motivated and passionate about fulfilling their life project.

The culture of Caobos is based on love and responsible freedom in which empathy, solidarity, and respect predominate as fundamental values.

The methodological approach of the GLC is Project-Based Learning (ABP), whose main protagonists are our students, their interests and personal expectations.

Each project developed is focused on an authentic and relevant challenge for students, where the Ministry of Education's indicators are essential to be able to solve it.

The ABP is a methodology that not only ensures academic learning, but also the development and strengthening of skills that are necessary as our society transforms, in addition, it is the possibility of engaging and empowering children and young people through their voice, decision-making capacity and collaborative work.

The ABP has a long history, it is based on the philosophies of the American educator John Dewey, who began the experiential education movement in 1920. According to Dewey, education should be based on competencies and abilities, rather than content, because important knowledge changes over time. It also contains elements of the philosophies of Paolo Freire, a Brazilian educator and theologian, who wrote in 1970 about the importance of basing education on an act of dialogue with students, rather than a “banking” model where the teacher deposits his knowledge in the student's mind.

Around the world, high-ranking schools have adopted ABP as a tool to make education more modern, more focused on the needs of today's young people and much more effective in developing their abilities for our times, without neglecting the academy, which is one of the means to build knowledge; this is why in Caobos, students enjoy their education because every experience at school is dynamic, important and relevant.

Middle School:

Project-based learning of 4th to 8th grade, involves students more, allowing them to ask questions, develop a course of action and make content part of their daily lives.

As students ask their guiding question and begin to actively research, the teacher as a facilitator will guide students through the process of setting the objectives of their class.

The project should be the compilation of a series of steps that answer the guiding question; a process that includes the student's interests and motivations, continuous research, collaborative work and student empowerment, turning the teacher into a companion of that process.

Through the ABP methodology, students have the possibility of acquiring more open learning, internalizing a series of concepts and skills throughout the development of the project. The steps that must be taken into account for the development of a project are:

Involve: students' interest is awakened by novel ideas.

Explore: understand ideas and concepts through practical activities.

Explain: give students a voice.

Elaborate: ideas apply to a wider context.

Evaluate: students present the results of what they learned during the development of the project.